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Use essential oils to create a total sense of wellbeing for yourself and your environment.

Using essential oils for a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Beautiful uses of oils to nourish your face, skin & hair, naturally.

Reducing the toxic load in your home, body & environment.

Use essential oils to promote rest and relaxation for your and your family.

Mood & Emotions

Natural First Aid

Spa & Skin Care

Cleaning & Detox

Sleep Management

The most popular way to get your doTERRA oils is to get a wholesale account which gives you 25% off prices for a whole year. You can jump online whenever you want to re-order. There's absolutely no obligation to buy again, resell or anything like that!

With the wholesale you have two choices:

1) Pay the $40NZ ($35AUD in Australia) membership and select your oils OR
2) Get one of the starter kits and the membership fee is waived!


Enrolment Kit Options:

Home Essentials Kit This is hands down the most popular starter kit.  This has 10 oils (9 in full 15ml size plus Ice Blue is 5ml) AND a diffuser for total of $365NZ ($330AUD)!










Family Essential Collection If your budget does not stretch to the Home Essentials - this smaller kit is $195NZD ($174AUD) has the same top 10 oils but in 5ml bottles.  You can then add a diffuser for $65NZ ($58AUD) if you like.

This kit also includes a FREE 15ml Slim & Sassy!

Choose a "Wellness box":


We all crave that feeling of a restful night’s sleep – sometimes, we just need a little help to get there. Stylishly packaged in a compact, pink box we’ve combined products to support your night time wind down. Rest, rejuvenate, and take on the world! The Bedtime Bliss Wellness Box Enrolment Kit includes:


Looking to bring out your inner athlete? Try our Active Sports Wellness Box to support your journey! You don’t need to be a professional, you just need to get active! The Active Sport Wellness Box Enrolment Kit includes:


We’ve combined everything you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen, into one specially designed little box that will meet your culinary needs! Whether you’re a sweet tooth or like a little more spice, the Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box has you covered! The Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box Enrolment Kit includes:


Deciding what products you need to prepare for the change in season just got easier! We’ve taken the guesswork out for you and combined your favourite products ideal for braving the change all into one box. Now is the time to stock up with our Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box! The Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box Enrolment Kit includes:

Nature's Solutions/Ultimate Starter Kit  This amazing kit is the ultimate starter kit.  This is for those looking at beginning with more than just the starter oils with big savings.  $700NZ or ($635AUD).

All new orders through the Gotogirl Essential Wellness will receive a welcome pack from me including everything you need to get started on your oils journey with an A-Z oil guide, an info e-book and a 5ml bottle of Wild Orange.

You will also get invites to in person oil classes and events, and be kept in the loop about special offers.  You will get loads of education on how to use oils for better health and wellness.


* If you've been working with another doTERRA advocate then get back in touch with them to ask them how you can get started.



You can either order from my link (instructions below), or call me directly on +64 21 182 2908.

Head to my website:
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Choose your Country  ✔️
Select Local (OTG) order  ✔️
Select Wholesale Customer ✔️
Enter Your Details  ✔️
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Select "Essential Collection Smart n Sassy" OR "Home Essential Kit" OR "Natures Solutions Kit".  ✔
If you prefer not to get a kit and select your own oils you can select the $35 or $40 membership fee (introductory packet) and just add whatever you want in the additional items  ✔

Optional items I highly recommend adding to your order: Fractionated Coconut Oil for making rollers and diluting your oils. If you need a diffuser you can also add the Petal diffuser. ✔️
Enter Your Payment Details  ✔️
I will then be in touch to send you your special welcome pack with information + special goodies  ✔
* Remember membership gives you 25% off retail on future purchases for 12 months but NO obligation to order or resell after this initial order.


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