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There are generally 4 reasons that people choose to ‘share’ oils or do doTerra as a business.  These include:


  • The amazing Community

  • Flexibility (you are your own Boss!)

  • Finances (the income potential is exponential)

  • Impact (the ability to leave a legacy and positively impact thousands of lives).

As a Diamond level Doterra Wellness Advocate I’ve helped over 2100 people towards better wellness - but I didn’t do it by myself. I am honoured and excited to have an amazing team of women who have added doterra to what they do and how they help others. You can find out more about having impact & income with doterra by booking a chat with me here.


I have the honour of working with, mentoring and empowering over 15 amazing leaders.  All of whom have different reasons for adding doTerra as a way to earn residual income and up their impact.  Some want to earn enough to move away from their full time jobs (that just aren’t fulfilling them). Others want to enable their hubby to retire/resign.  Others just want MORE income to have the Lifestyle that they look at daily on their vision board.







As a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate you can earn a little bit of extra cash or a lot! It all depends on the time and effort you are prepared to put in.

For me adding doterra to my business wasn't something that I planned as such but rather following opportunities and situations that arose along the way. (Like my 7 year old losing all his hair to alopecia). That plus me loving the idea of helping tons of people but not having to do it all solo...

For those interested in the "business side" of things. Here is some of my journey and tips around growing & mentoring an amazing team to reach the level of Diamond in Doterra. Something that today allows me to do what I love (speak, mentor, motivate, strategise...) while earning amazing money and not having the pressure to 'sell from the stage' or 'get another client' the way I used to.

That shift in vibe and energy has flowed into other aspects of life like my once stressed & apprehensive hubby sending me text messages like "this is impressive" and be being able to pour time and $ into people and causes I believe in like #heartspeakjackets I Got Your Back Pack and my new @impact entrepreneurs fb group.

I’m revving up to mentor 4 new people who want to up theirs impact and income through oils and natural wellness so if that might be you send me a PM and let’s chat. x Nat

Interested in creating more impact and income in your life/business?

I’m looking for 7 more amazing people to partner with me in creating a life (and world-changing) doterra business.


Depending on what you WANT, this will determine your ‘goal’.  If you’re wanting to earn $2000 per month for example, your goal will be to reach the rank of ‘Silver’.  If you’re wanting to earn $15K per month then your goal will be ‘Diamond’.


And remember… it’s not really about the money as such. It’s about what the money can enable you to do, be and have in your life.  If this speaks to you then book a time and speak to me about it.  Book here ( or ring me Nat 0211822908

What do you need?

Belief in oils, heart, desire to make a difference, your own unique set of skills/personality. (I’ll help to mentor you to make the most of all this).

What can I offer?

  • Personal mentoring, trainings and resources to show you the exact steps to creating a successful business

  • Access to the Go to Girl Biz Builders facebook group with real-time and DIY trainings.

  • My personal support, inspiration and mentorship to #upyourbrave and make things happen

  • An amazing community of like minded people to inspire & challenge you.

  • Access to training and resources from high level leaders from all over NZ, Australia and the world who have done what you are looking to do

What’s involved?

  • Know your goal (With my help you just need to choose where you want to go) ie what rank, income or lifestyle you’re looking to create.

  • Enrol by ordering (through me) some Essential Oils & Products to support your health priorities & business goals. *Home Essentials, Nature’s Solutions or Oil sharing kit are all good options.

  • A minimum investment of at least 10-15 hours a week, or more if you have goals you want to achieve faster

  • A commitment to helping others move towards better wellness

  • A ‘let’s do this’ attitude, where you’re ready to learn, love and change lives.

  • Open mind towards personal development and honing your leadership skills.

How do you find out more & apply? Contact me.


You can find more information and also apply here 

Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand

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