Then I went on to use essential oils for me… to help with my ‘self-care’ because as a self-confessed work-a-holic and busy mum of 3, I seemed always to be rushing and putting everyone else first.  With the oils, it actually helps me to slow down, to be more present and to take some moments for myself.  Balance on the soles of my feet in the morning, citrus bliss in the diffuser…

Now I use essential oils with my family 7-8 times a day.  Peppermint and wild orange in the diffuser in the kitchen to help everyone feel awake, alert and happy about it lol!  Maybe some on guard on the back of the neck or soles of the feet before sending my kids to school if they’re feeling a bit run down (or if someone in their class has a cold).  I LOVE being proactive and preventative with wellness (rather than reactive).  


QUESTION:  If I had a magic wand, what would an essential oil do for you?  Help with your sore knees? (ice blue & lemongrass), help you sleep better? (lavender peace or serenity soft gels)… Contact me or book a free consult and I can help identify which kit or oils will suit you best.  

I’ve got a fabulous  tribe of women across New Zealand so there’s always someone I can connect you with if you want to see and smell the oils in person too.

One of the things I love about doTerra as a company is their ethics and philosophy of sourcing only the purest oils from the countries where they grow best and supporting the local farmers with fair wages and opportunities for better health and wellness in their communities. They call it 'co-impact' sourcing. more info here.



My family is a huge part of my WHY as to why I've added doTerra to our lives and my business. Ruby loves peace oil while Xavier loves the lavender roll on oil beside his bed (to help him sleep and great for bumps & bruises). Jonah has since got alopecia (unexplained baldness) since this photo was taken so the emotional oils of forgive and console have been amazing for both of us through this. Matt loves cooking with the oils (oregano is a-mazing in pasta sauce) and is now a big fan of the Life Long Vitality supplements


Hi lovelies!  If we haven’t yet met… I’m Natalie Cutler-Welsh aka the ‘Go to Girl’.  Why that name? Because I love to connect people (to what they want and people & products that can help them).  And when I discovered doTerra essential oils (through one of my Go to Girl clients) I just KNEW that I had to share them with the world!

Whether I’m chatting with a woman in business or a mum, people always ask me about three things.  “What oils can help with anxiousness”, “Do you have oils to help me sleep” or “Which oils will help me to have more energy”.  Can you relate?

When I first discovered essential oils (through one of my high level coaching clients) I thought “How could I not have known about these sooner?”.  My initial reaction was (as most women do) wanting to help OTHER people. Like my audience of overwhelmed mums and my audience of over-worked entrepreneurs.


About Me

This may sound crazy but… I’m on a mission to “Save a million Marriages and help halve the suicide rate in New Zealand”.  But I’m not doing it alone…

Already as a Diamond level DoTERRA Wellness Advocate I’ve helped over 2100 people towards better wellness - but I didn’t do it by myself. I am honoured and excited to have an amazing team of women who have added doterra to what they do and how they help others. You can find out more about having impact & income with doterra here.   It’s fair to say that I”m a natural ‘connector’ and I’m kind of obsessed with she helping people to feel more empowered and inspired to “do what they WANT”.


Whether it be a lifestyle or wellness goal I love to help point them in the right direction. And in some cases mentor them to make it happen. Here’s a bit more about me:

Natalie is an author, podcaster & blogger for ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ a mentor for women in business and speakers with Go to Girl was excited to help women and families far and wide.


As seen on the AM show, NewsHub & Breakfast TV and numerous online & print publications and in person events, Canadian-Kiwi Natalie is renown for her entertaining and up front style and on-point insights, talks and workshops and courses on topics ranging from social media, resilience, leadership and self-care.


Nat draws on her life journey and experiences which range from being an Outward Bound instructor and multi-sport athlete through to life upheaval with the Christchurch earthquake, multiple back injuries, writing a parenting book, having her boy diagnosed with alopecia and running events for thousands of busy women.


She shares entertaining and tear-jerking stories that empower her audience and clients to build their own resilience and to use the curve balls and challenges that life throws as an opportunity to get clear on what they WANT and the positive impact they want to have. And then to ‘Up their brave’ and make it happen!

PS. Let me know if you want info on the biz side of doterra for YOU!












Hi there! Is 'better wellness' on your Wishlist for 2019? If YES I'd love to help you with that. 

Whether it's mind, body or business I'd love to help you have more of what you WANT and to feel the way you want to feel in your life. 

Along with my amazing team of leaders and customers in the Go to Girl Essential Oils tribe we're collectively creating the 'new normal' of wellness being a priority. 

Incase we haven't met here's who I am...

Someone who loves life and surrounding myself with 
High vibe and high impact people. 

I look around me and feel like people WANT more. More health, more happiness... 

I'm ready and willing to step up and do something about it

My team and I are change makers, movers & shakers, we are impact entrepreneurs who won't settle for fine or ok.
We won't stand for the chaos and confusion that we see around us.
We care about justice. 
Equal but not the same. 
We shine the light on things that need to be seen ad we speak about things that need to be said.
Not for ego or brand but for impact & change.
Enough is enough New Zealand.
Let's help ourselves and then help others to:
*Be healthy
*Be real
*Be who we are
*Be honest about our emotions and express them with ease. 
*Be consciously connected
*Be brave
Not happy with things in your own life or someone else?

Ditch the guilt, banish the blame
I've got news for you... YOU are the CEO of your own life.
Up your Brave
Say what you WANT
& Make it happen!"

Want to help to live a high vibe happy & healthy life too? 

PM me or visit:

x Nat
*Photo by the fab Ruthie Stoffels Photography

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